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A couple of my articles on CodeProject

Long time no update this blog.  I intend to fix that.  But for now, I’d like to point to two articles I posted at CodeProject:

  • Tracing Events Raised by Any C# Object—in which I describe a technique for tracing the events of any C# object using a very simple helper class, using .NET Reflection to get the event handlers of an arbitrary object.
  • Password Field Unhider (and some C++ utility classes)—first I present a small utility that lives in the Windows notification area and stands ready at any time to unhide (that is, unmask) any password field on the screen, so you can see what you’re typing. And second, I describe some very simple yet useful C++ utility classes: a general message pump, an IPC mechanism using WM_COPYDATA, and a work item dispatcher.

I intend to post more articles at CodeProject, the kind of useful tips, tutorial, explanation things, with source code, that are longer than the typical blog post.