I’ve been professionally programming for … a long time … and I’m still learning new things. My major interests recently are

  • programming models and methods for concurrency/async, especially testing things involving concurrency/async,
  • applications of functional programming, especially in conventional languages,
  • highly-reliable high-performance coding down at the metal,
  • the implementation and practice of bitcoin (its blockchain, its networking protocols, its capabilities),
  • and doing interesting things with Mathematica.

My aim with Bakin’s Bits is to write occasional blog posts, articles, and book reviews related to my software interests, and whatever I’m working on understanding.

FYI, I have an unreasonable affection for certain computer languages. Including Spitbol, C++, Self, Scheme, awk, FORTH, Erlang, J, Smalltalk, Logo, BLISS, Haskell, and Algol 68.

(And there are a couple I hate with the heat of 1000 O-type stars: XSLT, TeX (considered as a language). I’m not fond of Perl, either. But maybe just with the heat of a few dozen O-type stars.)

BTW, when it comes to coding standards I only have two firm rules:

  • No hard tabs (’\t’ == ‘\x09’) in files.
  • Files end with a newline.

Other than those two rules, I’ll go with whatever the team wants. (Life’s too short to worry about it.)