David Bakin’s programming blog.

This blog, revived and restarted with Hugo on Gitlab

Welcome back to the new, improved Bakin’s Bits. Now using Hugo and hosted on GitLab.

Serving (currently) [www.]bakins-bits.{com|dev}.

Actual configuration is that the website is published twice by Hugo - once to /public/dev with hosturl=bakins-bits.dev, and once to /public/com with hosturl=bakins-bits.com. This is to get around issues with internal urls and with two domains point to the same site.

Still to do:

  • Get [www.]bakinsbits.{com|dev} working.
  • Get plantuml or mermaid working for diagrams.
  • Look at Hugo shortcodes to figure out a better way to link between posts than explicit urls
  • Create a tagline rotator

And most important of all:

  • Start writing and publishing real content about projects I’m working on!